Hey there! We're TurboFish, that podcast where a few friends talk about the ever-growing world of tech. Whether you find a new tool, learn something new, or just like the convocation, we hope you enjoy!


The TurboFish community are a bunch of fellow programmers who enjoy talking, sharing projects, and helping eachother out. That said, we do have pleanty of unrelated fun too (we're only human).

You can join us on the community Discord! Feel free to start a convocation at any time, we don't bite, as long as you're not a pop-tart that is...


And if you like the community, you'll probably like our podcasts too! They're not highly edited and cut to perfection, but instead just a few friends talking to eachother about tech.

You can find out more on Anchor or search TurboFish on you're favorite podcasting platform.


You can reach us on Discord.